Featured Tournaments

Here’s a task for you – arrive at Liberty Slots Casino, look at the bottom of their menu, and head for the tournaments area. It is that easy to go through to the tournament list to see what’s coming up. We are going to focus on the featured tournaments, because while all of them show up when you arrive on the page, the featured ones could be worth checking out above all the others.

One click from the tournament landing page

There is a menu for the tournament area – that’s how many events you’ll sometimes find there! Move along one category from the left and you’ll see the featured events.

Look at the start times first

The tournaments that are sure to catch your eye to begin with are the ones with yellow figures involved. However, if you’re only just checking out the tournaments at Liberty Slots for the first time, you’ll want to ignore those. They show you the events that are ending in a few days. Sure, you could still enter, but they are not going to have much runtime left. This means you’re going to be starting way behind the pack. It makes more sense to find tournaments that have only just started.

Check out those prize pools

The prize pool shows you the available amount of cash to be paid out in the tournament. Some are fixed, while others could depend on the progress of each event. For example, some have no charge to enter while others do have an entry fee. The ones asking for an entry fee usually have higher prize pools because of this.

Select any tournament to read more

This isn’t obvious unless you start to look around and explore the various tournaments in play. However, you can get details about the game involved in each event, along with rebuy fees and other factors. Once a tournament begins, you will also see the leaderboard for that event. You can even see how many people are involved. We can confirm that Liberty Slots Casino is one of the best sites to visit for casino players looking to take part in online tournaments. There are some excellent ones for slot fans, with the chance to take part in others based on other casino games too. Try their full suite of tourneys by visiting the casino today.