Tournaments Q & A

If you are new to online slot tournaments, you may have many questions. This is normal because you should know a great deal, and we have provided as much information as possible in this guide.

What Type of Slot Tournaments Are There?

There is a long list of the types of slot tournaments you can play. Here are some highlights from the questions asked.

What are Freerolls?

One of the most popular slot tournaments you can play in is called Freerolls. These do not require a fee to enter.

What Do I Win in a Freeroll Tournament?

Although there is no cash prize pool associated with freerolls, you can win free spins, bonuses, and free rounds.

Where are the Start and End Times?

We touched upon this in our guide. When entering a tournament, you will see in the slot section the Start and End times. Be sure you play according to the rules of the contest by entering on time. As for the end time, the game will lock when the match is over.

What is a Sit and Go?

It is among the most well-known of all online slot tournaments. There is a fee to join, but no re-buy. I should also note that the prize pool is relatively low.

Is There More than One Prize for Slot Tournaments?

Yes, there are two. The Prize Pool and the Jackpot Prize. The prize pool winners will receive a percentage of it while the winner with the most points gets the higher percentage. For Jackpot Prize winners, one winner takes home the entire kit and kaboodle.

How Do I Get My Winnings?

A player who wins the jackpot will have their payouts automatically credited at the tournament's end. If you win the prize pool, which is cash, players can withdraw their winnings immediately.

Does the Prize Pool Change if there are More Participants?

Actually, in slot tournaments, there can be more than one winner. Of course, the first-place winner accumulated the most points and receives the highest percentage of the prize pool. You can check the tournament paytable to view the prizes for the top ten winners. As for the Prize Pool, it is a fixed amount, and it doesn't matter how many players enter.

Is There a Jackpot Tournament When One Winner Takes it All?

Yes. In a tournament that has a jackpot prize attached, many players may enter the contest. In this case, however, the jackpot amount is not fixed but is determined by the number of players. Thus, there are no other winners, as the sole winner will take it all.

Can I Play Slot Tournaments on my Mobile Device?

Yes. All slot tournament games are compatible with Android and iOS devices.