How Tournaments Work

Slot tournaments operate in an accessible format—the objective is to gain as many points within the timeframe of the matches. The player with the highest number of points after the contest ends wins. To enter a slots tournament, choose a casino that offers daily, weekly, monthly, or freerolls. We have given you the top four online casinos that offer 150 matches each. The tournaments are displayed in the lobby section of these casinos. Look through the list of tournaments and choose one. To assist you, here are the sub-topics for the games: the list includes the ID number of the game, the tournament name, the start time, end time, prize pool, buy-in, and no buy-in for freerolls, re-buy, and then a register icon at the end of the list. Thus, you can play in a short tournament or a longer one (depending upon your budget).

What You Should Know Before Entering a Slots Tournament

If you've never played in a tournament before, we suggest you look at the games offered and then practice them in demo mode until you familiarize yourself with the game. Then come up with a strategy to continuously hit that spin button because each win will get you closer to the points you need to win. There are also rules for playing in a slot tournament. Please read them in the Terms and Conditions Section accompanying each game.

Wagering Limits, Duration, and Ties

Before you enter a slots tournament, decide on how much you are willing to bet per spin. While there is a limit to all betting, please read the terms and conditions regarding the wagering limits. If you can, bet the max on the game you choose, thereby increasing your point status. Knowing the duration of the tournament is essential since the game will be locked the second the contest ends. Finally, if two players reach a tie, both have the same number of points, then another timed match will commence. Once the timed tournament ends, the player with the most points wins.

How Does the Point System Work?

There are two ways to accumulate points in a slot tournament: bet and prize amounts.
  • For the bet amount, it is the bigger budget that will produce a winner. With such a budget, the player can repeatedly wager to increase the number of points earned.
  • For the prize amount, it is the biggest win that counts. Most players who spin and win many times will ultimately become part of the top ten achievers.

What is a Buy-In and a Re-Buy?

The Buy-in is the fee for entering the slot tournament. If, however, you lose your money, you will have to begin again with the re-buy, which is less than the buy-in. Both the buy-in and re-buy can be the same - $5. However, there are some slot tournaments with no fee (buy-in) attached, but it has re-buys ranging from $1 to $3.99.

How Much is the Prize Pool Worth?

That depends on the game and the number of participants. Usually, the highest prize pool is $5,000 for the monthly tournaments. For the daily and weekly tournaments, the prize pool can range from $100 or less to $3000. Once again, the prize pool depends on the number of players who participate.

Watch for the Icons Displayed in the Status Columns

  • These are important as they indicate what is happening with the tournament.
  • The Dark Green Check Mark means Join Now
  • The Light Green Check Mark means the tournament is in Progress
  • The Orange R in a Circle is the Register icon
  • The Dark Green R in a Circle means a player has registered
  • The Gold Cup means the tournament has ended
  • The Red Lock means the game has been closed
  • The Red X indicates that the match canceled